Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Moo-velous Birthday!

I have really been awful lately about posting. I must improve in 2014!!

I just finished a layout for a scrapbooking challenge on the Paper Wishes Message Board.  This is Leyda's 13th birthday at Chick-Fil-A.  I called it a Moo-velous Birthday!  She had quite a weekend and birthday - movies with friends, getting purple streaks in her hair, great presents, and our family dinner at Chick Fil-A (her choice - no doubt as she gets older, the venue will become more expensive!) :)

For this challenge I asked members to use teabag folding on a page.  For mine, I created a frame for a closeup of Leyda. It does lay down nicely when it's in its page protector, but to get a decent picture I needed to remove it to get rid of the glare. So, it pokes up a little and you can see some of the white back-side of the paper....

All in all, I like the layout.  It is inspired from a layout in one of Paper Wishes' Personal Shopper packs.

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