Sunday, September 5, 2010

Strips and Stripes - Seminole Patchwork

Here's another fun thing to do with strips and stripes! Seminole patchwork comes from the Seminole Tribe and is used in making clothing and decorative fabrics. Do some searches - there are many interesting patterns and they all have a story behind them!

Again I'm cutting my pieces, but you can use striped paper easily enough. This time I'm cutting 1" strips.

Just as in the Bargello technique, glue or tape your strips down to a base piece of paper or cardstock.

When all of your strips are applied, cut away the excess:

Then cut 1" strips across your stripes:

We're going to be laying these down at an angle like so:

Here's a way you can be sure you're getting the first piece laid down at the right angle: Draw a straight line exactly perpendicular. Then lay your first piece down so that the corners are directly on the line.

Then lay down all your additional pieces until your card panel is full.

Next, cut two 1" strips of coordinating solid paper and place them along the top and bottom of your design:

After looking at this on my base card, I decided I wanted the black strips to be a little narrower, so I trimmed them down:

And then all that's left is to add some artwork and a sentiment!

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Jennifer M. said...

This is such an awesome technique. I'll have to give it a try! Nice Card Nancy! Thanks for taking the time to explain these techniques to us. :)