Saturday, October 16, 2010

Paper Wishes Challenge for November

The Like It Love It Gotta Have It Swap for November at Paper Wishes is about doodling. I ran across an ad from Outlines Rubber Stamps using a technique I learned back in the 4th grade. Evidently someone has turned this into a major trend/fad - there are workshops to learn how to do it, there are products you can buy - you name it! It's called Zentangles.

Here's a link to the main Zentangles site and the Zentangles blog where you can see all kinds of intricate designs folks have made there. There are even Zentangled sneakers! Check out some of the things people have done:

Now let's bring this back to paper crafting! Here's the image that caught my attention from the Outlines Rubber Stamp ad:

To do this, you need to find an image that has a lot of open area to fill in with designs. I found this butterfly image from kpink worked well.

You're not limited to just black and white - you can use any color, but you want to be sure to use something that has enough contrast to make the design show up.

I look forward to seeing what folks come up with this month. To join the challenge, go to the Paper Wishes Message Board ( Click on Message Board and then go to the Challenges section.

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Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, I didn't realize it was such a big thing. It look like fun, I might have to try it out.