Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cosmo Cricket Challenge

One of the reasons I enjoy being on design teams is that you sometimes get assignments that are outside of your comfort zone - either in what you are to make, how you are to make it, or color outside of your favorites. One of the assignments I had from the local store I design for - Wiggles and Giggles, was to make a layout from the new Cosmo Cricket Circa 1934 line, which is one of the trend you see now with the retro colors - which are REALLY not my colors! You know me - I love bright colors, especially jewel tones. This is about as far away from that as you can get! :)

Anyway - two of the phrases on the two embellishment sheets I was given sparked what pictures I might use: "You and Me. Always." and "Home is Where the Heart Is." At first I thought about recording all the places we had lived, but I couldn't find the pictures! (That worries me, and I'll have to follow up on where all my pictures are!) So then I decided to use pictures of us at different stages in our relationship. I found a picture from our wedding reception, a professional portrait we had done about 5 years in, and then one of us taken at Christmas a few years ago. I then added in a couple of pictures with the grandkids. I cut out some of the motifs from another piece of the paper in the collection, and added some pearls I had in my stash that matched the colors really well - I got them at Michaels - it had the red, green and gold all together!

I think it turned out pretty good in the end! What do you think? The pictures got a little skewed in the scanning, but you can get the idea.

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